Allan Taylor Brighton Beach歌词

Young girl, so pretty.
Young boy,not a hair on his face
They’re looking out at the big wide world.
This was their time, this was their place.
这是他们的时代 这是他们的世界
He said: One day, I will make you mine.
We’ll be together till the end of time.
Brighton Beach in 1959.
布莱顿海滩 1959年

Young woman, flowers in her hair
年轻的她 头戴鲜花
Young man plays a mean guitar
So cosmic, but this is the Sixties
如此和谐 但这是六十年代
Everything is far out, way too far
Revolution is in the air
But everyone is "stoned" and they don't care
但每个人都陷入迷醉 满不在意
cuz it's New York in nineteen sixty-nine
因为这是纽约 1969年

Everybody changes as time goes by
时光流逝 所有人都已改变
But we can make it if we try
但只要努力 我们就能实现诺言

Another city, bright lights
这是另一座城市 霓虹闪烁
A winning streak, you're hitting the heights
成功接踵而至 你正站在巅峰
Another face you want to get to know
Everybody says it's the "way to go"
他们都说 这样没错
Maybe you came on just a little too strong
Maybe you played too hard
and it all went wrong
But it was London town in nineteen seventy-nine
这是伦敦 1979年

Change partners, change of scene
同事换了 环境换了
Kids get stuck somewhere in-between
No problem, we can work it out
没问题 我们可以搞定
But things get broken, and people shout
但事与愿违 家里怨声载道
she feels guilty
thinking she should have stayed
He gets scared 'cause the bills aren't paid
那些欠付的账单 让他胆战心惊
It was somewhere in suburbia in nineteen eighty-nine
这是郊区的某处 1989年

Everybody changes as time goes by
时光流逝 所有人都已改变
But we can make it if we try
但只要努力 我们就能实现诺言

Take is easy, take it slow
别太紧张 慢慢来吧
There's not much more you need to know
你需要明白的 其实不多
Looking back on the times you've had
Hang on to the good, forget the bad
记着美好的 忘掉不如意
Take one last look down memory lane
It's good to be starting over again
重新开始 其实也不错
Brighton beach in nineteen ninety-nine
布莱顿海滩 1999年

  • 专辑:Color To the Moon
  • 歌手:Allan Taylor
  • 歌曲:Brighton Beach


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