Various Artists Comin' Home歌词

Been out on the road 'bout six months too long
I want you so bad, I can hardly stand it
I'm so tired and I'm all alone
We'll soon be together, that's it
I'm comin' home to your love

Hitchhiking on the turnpike all day long
Nobody seemed to notice, they just pass me on by
To keep from going crazy, I got to sing my song
Got a whole lot of loving and baby, that's why
I'm comin' home to your love

Comin' home, yeah
Comin' home
Comin' home
Comin' home

Comin' home, home
Comin' home
Comin' home
Comin' home

Comin' home
Comin' home
Comin' home

  • 专辑:Jazzy Sexy Soul
  • 歌手:Various Artists
  • 歌曲:Comin' Home

Various Artists Comin' Home歌词


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