Santana Love Is You歌词


[00:02.65]Love Is You
[00:03.67]Chrisette Michele
[00:12.03]What's your definition of it?
[00:14.77]How does it make you feel?
[00:17.45]Tell me what you say that truly makes it real
[00:23.23]Kings and Queens, Philosophers have tried so hard to find
[00:28.93]Tell me what it means to you dear, nevermind
[00:34.56]Love is kind when the world is cold
[00:37.51]Love stays strong when the fight gets old
[00:40.37]Love's a shoulder to lean on
[00:42.48]Love is you
[00:46.03]Love's like the water when the well runs dry
[00:48.94]Quench my thirst, keep me alive
[00:51.66]Just need once too baby
[00:54.04]Love is you
[00:56.74]Love is you, love is you,
[01:02.34]Love is you, love is you
[01:09.02]Is it possible, there is a kiss that's so divine
[01:14.63]Or am I just a fool, is it all in my mind?
[01:20.53]Is there something chemical
[01:23.20]A scientist might say
[01:25.96]Well love must be a drug
[01:28.21]To make me feel this way
[01:31.56]Cause love's my permission to be who I am
[01:34.43]No inhabiitions cause you understand
[01:37.39]Freedom to breathe oh baby
[01:39.50]Love is you
[01:43.10]Love's like a kiss when the sun goes down
[01:45.88]Holds me tight when no one's around
[01:48.93]Love's what I want to hold on to
[01:51.26]Love is you
[01:54.33]Love is you, Love is you, Love is you,
[02:02.34]Love is you, Love is you,
[02:08.13]Love is you, Love is you,
[02:13.95]Love is you
[02:17.55]Love is kind, it makes me stronger
[02:20.34]I don't have to look no longer
[02:23.05]You're the one I cling to
[02:25.37]Love is you
[02:28.74]When the chips are down
[02:31.49]Love will stick around
[02:34.65]I'm so glad I found
[02:36.67]Love is you
[02:43.25]As much as I've tried to clarify
[02:45.96]Love's quite simple, he's just my guy
[02:49.44]Perfect definition
[02:51.80]Love is you
[02:54.63]Love is you, love is you
[03:01.57]Love is you... is you...

  • 专辑:Freedom
  • 歌手:Santana
  • 歌曲:Love Is You

Santana Love Is You歌词


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