Pink Martini Bitty Boppy Betty歌词

Bitty boppy Betty, bitty boppy Betty, bitty boppy Betty booboo,
On weekends she's your honey, then comes Monday, and that'll be sir to you.

Bitty boppy Betty, better known as Billy, he's the up and coming local DA
A fearless crime fighter, political insider, sure to be mayor one day
But after work on Fridays, off comes his necktie, and on come her diamonds and pearls
You better get ready, cause now Billy's Betty, everybody's favorite girl.

In the belly of the city, that's where you'll find Betty, Friday to Sunday night
Is she working under cover? Or just a fun lover? Either way that's alright.

Bitty boppy Betty, what a bouncing beauty, so sophisticated and refined
She's a boy who doesn't show it, and though the guys all know it, none of them seem to mind
When Betty starts a boppin, the joint starts a hoppin, she can twist and bend the whole night through
You really can't ignore her, and if you don't adore her, there might be something wrong with you.

On Mondays bright and early, Betty's back to Billy, working hard on behalf of our town,
Upholding law and order, talking to reporters, and keeping us safe and sound
If there's a moral to this ditty, it's not to judge Betty, Billy or anyone
Cause life's a lot richer with a healthy mixture, not to mention lots more fun!

Bitty boppy Betty, bitty boppy Betty, bitty boppy Betty booboo,
On weekends she's your honey, then comes Monday, and that'll be sir to you.

  • 专辑:Splendor in the Grass
  • 歌手:Pink Martini
  • 歌曲:Bitty Boppy Betty

Pink Martini Bitty Boppy Betty歌词


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