Tiffany Evans Impossible歌词

Tiffany Evans - Impossible

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She took a fall it was crucial
Counted her out before they gave her a chance
{To get up}
The underdog, same as usual
Everyones watching and the pressure,
it just won't let up
Tell me, I wantcha to, I wantcha to think that I
{Drowning in myself}
But baby no
After what I've been through
Lesson learned, story told, I know that

Nothing is impossible
Can't stop, won't stop, never gonna let it go
See that, now I know, nothing is impossible
Can't stop, won't stop, never gonna let it go
Takin' back my self control
Nothing is impossible

Nothings Impossible
Nothin' is impossible

(I think) Difficulties, her position

{What she gonna do makes, blown all outa context}

Simple mistake, crucifiction
Everyones watchin'
And the Pressure, just what you'd expect
Tell me, I wantcha too, I wantcha to think that I
{Drowning in myself}
But baby no, after what I've been through,
lesson learned, story told, I know that

Oooooaaaa Humans are bad I can be
{Nobody's perfect, especially me}

Oooo What you get is what you see
{Not gonna let it, steal a thing from me}
From me, from me, in perfect little me

{Won't stop, won't stop, never gonna let it go}
Never let it
{Nothing is impossible, can't stop, won't stop}
Noo noo-oo
{Never gonna let it go}
{Nothing is impossible}
{Can't stop, won't stop, neva gonna let it go, see that now I know}
{Nothing is impossible, can't stop, won't stop,
never gonna let it go, takin back my self control,
nothings is impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible
nothings is impossible,Baaauul, baaauual, baauul,
nothing is impossibaauul, impossible.

� 赖润诚のLrC ★

  • 专辑:Tiffany Evans
  • 歌手:Tiffany Evans
  • 歌曲:Impossible

Tiffany Evans Impossible歌词


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