Lillian Axe Nobody Knows (Acoustic)歌词

Nobody knows when there's clouds in the skies

When there are tears in your eyes

Nobody knows when you're hurting so bad

So what if they had?

Far away, where the hills turn to plains

I sit and I wonder where you are

I dream at night of the memories that we share

I feel your touch, I see your stare


Nobody knows when you're down and out

Nobody cares what it's all about

When it comes to you, babe

You know I'll always be there

It just seems,

Nobody knows when you're down and out

Silent words, a whispered song

Will you still love me when I'm gone?

Now, nobody knows what really matters

Only fools who don't belong


...In my dreams, it never seems that

Nobody knows



  • 专辑:Deep Red Shadows
  • 歌手:Lillian Axe
  • 歌曲:Nobody Knows (Acoustic)

Lillian Axe Nobody Knows (Acoustic)歌词


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