Soundtrack Patience歌词

[ti:Patience (feat. Eddie Murphy & Keith Robinson)]
[ar:Anika Noni Rose]
[al:追梦女郎 电影原声带 Dreamgirls Music from the Motion Picture]
[00:00.77]Patience (feat. Eddie Murphy & Keith Robinson) - Anika Noni Rose
[00:13.25]I know you have questions
[00:16.14]Same ones as me
[00:18.99]How long has it been?
[00:21.53]How long will it be?
[00:24.83]When will come the morning
[00:27.50]To drive the night away?
[00:30.14]Tell me when will
[00:31.10]Come the morning
[00:32.92]Of a brighter day?
[00:41.76]Little sister
[00:47.15]Little brother
[00:50.48]Patience, patience
[00:55.16]Take each other
[00:56.07]By the hand
[01:04.43]Little sisters
[01:09.65]Little brothers
[01:12.97]Let us walk together
[01:18.07]To the promised land
[01:24.79]There's a river to cross
[01:30.57]And a mountain to climb
[01:36.33]Patience, patience
[01:40.81]It's gonna take some time
[01:47.37]We must walk in peace
[01:53.20]It's the only, only way
[01:58.76]If we want to see
[02:00.19]That morning
[02:03.84]Of a brighter day
[02:06.02]Of a brighter day
[02:13.14]Little sister
[02:18.66]Little brother
[02:21.97]Patience, patience
[02:26.90]We're gonna find a way
[02:35.95]Little sisters
[02:41.55]Little brothers
[02:44.60]Until that morning
[02:49.58]Of a brighter day
[02:56.35]Patience, patience
[03:00.93]'Til that brighter day
[03:09.25]Patience, patience
[03:12.59]'Til that brighter day
[03:16.53]歌词制作 李泉波 QQ562806911

  • 专辑:Dreamgirls (Music from the Motion Picture)
  • 歌手:Soundtrack
  • 歌曲:Patience

Soundtrack Patience歌词


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