Agnetha Fältskog Love in a World Gone Mad歌词

Both sides of your windows
Something crazy's going on
Troubles in and outside
It's hard to tell where you belong
Time and time again
Out searching for that silver lining friend
You keep holding on
You keep holding on

Love in a world gone mad
The best thing we'll ever have
Love in a world gone mad
And it's so precious that I promise
Anytime you want to spread your wings and fly
Just say the word
If what we found is love when you fly back
I won't be hurt
Time and time again
The fire's gonna die and then burn bright
If we keep holding on
Yeah, holding on

Love in a world gone mad
The best thing we'll ever have
Love in a world gone mad
And it's so precious
What's between us two is......

Time and time again
You're gonna be my
Silver lining friend
We gotta keep holding on

  • 专辑:I Stand Alone
  • 歌手:Agnetha Fältskog
  • 歌曲:Love in a World Gone Mad

Agnetha Fältskog Love in a World Gone Mad歌词


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