Home Video Business Transaction歌词

If I told you how I feel
If I told you, you would run away
Everybody wants to be loved
Just not by anybody who does

You take what you need
I'll take what I need
Business transaction

You're pretending to really be alive
But the truth is you're scared all the time
We should end this, walk away unscathed
You'll never know me, we'd both be saving face

Nice to meet you, what a precious time we had
Good luck next time, hope you don't feel too bad

You take what you need
I'll take what I need (Nice to meet you, what a precious time we had)
Business transaction (Good luck next time, hope you don't feel too bad)

Hope you don't feel too bad

  • 专辑:The Automatic Process
  • 歌手:Home Video
  • 歌曲:Business Transaction

Home Video Business Transaction歌词


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