A Fine Frenzy Pinesong歌词

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The time has come for giving up
I have lost
I wanted once to become what
I cannot

Why come to me so full of dreams?
Well, go on
With feathered keys you're mocking me
I am locked

It's easier to pine
To pine

I can feel it
Through the fields of graves
A beating heart
Rolling hills are
Roaming through my veins
And open arms
And all is full of smoke

Ah pining…

The words you speak
Stir things in me that I thought
Were gone
Their faint white heat
Melts centuries
Deep in

I can feel it
Through the fields of graves
A beating heart
Rolling hills are
Roaming through my veins
And open arms
And all is full of

Ah pining…

  • 专辑:Pines
  • 歌手:A Fine Frenzy
  • 歌曲:Pinesong

A Fine Frenzy Pinesong歌词


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