Empyrium Many Moons Ago歌词

Many moons ago

a night of december so dark and cold,


  i walked a path ages old
  the moon amongst the clouds revealed lightning valleys, forest and field
  embraced by silence i wandered the moor an endless landscape by my side
  when in the mist i saw a light dancing through the hazy night
  i stood and watched the play in awe was deeply touched by what i saw
  i told my friends what i did see and what they told did tremble me!
  it's said the ghost of a young, fair maid
  is cursed to dwell beneath the shade of the olden oak she died below
  o that was many moons ago!

  • 专辑:Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays
  • 歌手:Empyrium
  • 歌曲:Many Moons Ago

Empyrium Many Moons Ago歌词


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