Maximilian Hecker Snow White歌词

You dreamed I was your lover
And I lied in your arms
You dreamed of all our children
Playing in the sun

I hope that you're alright
I hope, I hope that you're alright

Sleep, my Snow White

  • 专辑:I Am Falling Now
  • 歌手:Maximilian Hecker
  • 歌曲:Snow White

Maximilian Hecker Snow White歌词


Maximilian Hecker Snow White (Demo)歌词

01/06 14:30
You dreamed I was your lover. And I lied in your arms. You dreamed of all our children, playing in the sun. I hoped that you are all white. I hoped, I hoped that you are all white. (music~~~~~~~~~~~~~~) Sleep, my snowwhite. Sleep, my snowwhite Sleep,

Maximilian Hecker Snow歌词

04/12 03:11
Doubts have vanished All is clear White, smooth, endless, outright, sheer And I smile as I sink to the ground Snow is falling down on me I start crying blissfully Lazy diamonds poured by heaven Lie down on my red, hot cheeks Drowsy drift ice Live for

Maximilian Hecker Your Kingdom歌词

04/07 07:59
I belong there in your kingdom Fallen long time ago I'll be strong there in your kingdom Frozen under deep snow No more heartache in your kingdom No more houses to stay I'll be fine there in your kingdom Time has carried away I will lose my brains on

Maximilian Hecker Miss Underwater歌词

08/10 01:05
Miss Underwater, I've come to say goodbye 水中姑娘 我来向你道别 Miss Underwater, please don't sigh 水中姑娘 请不要叹息 Miss Underwater, stop singing lullabies 水中姑娘 不要再吟唱摇篮曲 Miss Underwater, refrain 水中姑娘 请你忍住 Miss Underwater, pretend that I am dead 水中姑娘 当作我已逝去 Miss Unde

Maximilian Hecker Flower Four歌词

06/29 04:11
All that grief in my teeth And all this running for love No, I can't stand anymore That your sweet eyes don't watch me And I believe in no gods But what leads me to you? And so I'll start to love your face And in the end I will love you So I'll play

Maximilian Hecker Lady Sleep歌词

10/05 02:25
Lady Sleep, please kiss me sweetly Throw me in a wad of cotton wool And close my eyes, so I can see Will you breast-feed with bewitching silence Treat me like I was your only son And love me like there was no morning? You unfaithful lover Careless mo

Maximilian Hecker Messed-up Girl歌词

05/06 12:36
Where have you been, my messed-up girl? Staying up all night and losing our pearl? Why are you lying? Why are you sighing, my love? There's this light in your eyes Your cheeks are all red It's hard for you to hide that you betrayed me in his bed But

Maximilian Hecker The Saviour歌词

07/15 02:06
maximilian hecker - the saviour they will steal my crown and ruin my kingdom force me to break down take my pride deprive me of grace plunder my homeland leave me down on the ground they will raid my blood and abduct my brothers pilfer my treasures w

Maximilian Hecker My Friends歌词

10/15 17:52
maximilian hecker my friends 感谢那些在我最不开心的时候陪伴我的朋友! made by flytsky(408662420) 献给特别好友"许愿" can you hear me stumbling, my friends? 'cause suddenly the darkness became my friend, that strokes my head can you hear me counting the days? 'cause every li