Jeff Beck Where Were You歌词


  • 专辑:Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop
  • 歌手:Jeff Beck
  • 歌曲:Where Were You


Jeff Beck Full Moon Boogie歌词

10/14 03:36
Full Moon Boogie - Jeff Beck Put your hands together Put your hands together Get down Get down Get down What is burning that in the sky tell me god And what is that noise in your eye (Full moon boogie all night long) All night long yeah all night lon

Jeff Beck Rock My Plimsoul歌词

01/16 10:06
(J. Rod) Listen! You can rock me, rock me all night long. Keep on rockin' me baby, rock me all night long. 'Cause you know what, when you rock me, My poor back it ain't got a bone. You can roll me, just like they roll the wagon wheel, Way down in the

Jeff Beck Nessun Dorma歌词

03/27 04:24
Nessun dorma! Nessun dorma!* Tu pure, o, Principessa, Nella tua fredda stanza, Guardi le stelle Che tremano d'amore E di speranza. Ma il mio mistero e chiuso in me, Il nome mio nessun sapra! No, no, sulla tua bocca lo diro Quando la luce splendera! E

Jeff Beck Hammerhead歌词

06/07 09:20
[ti:Hammerhead] [ar:The Offspring] [al:Perfectly Clear] [00:01.11]The Offspring - Hammerhead [00:07.54] [00:31.97]I am the one [00:33.16]Camouflage and guns [00:34.96]Risk my life [00:36.10]To keep my people from harm [00:44.11]Authority [00:45.63]Ve

Jeff Beck She's a Woman歌词

08/26 10:27
My love don't give me presents I know that she's no peasant Only ever has to give me Love forever and forever My love don't give me presents Turns me on when I get lonely People tell me that she's only fooling I know she isn't She don't give boys the

Jeff Beck Heart Full of Soul歌词

05/12 15:29
Heart Full Of Soul - Jeff Beck Sick at heart and lonely Deep in dark despair. When you want her only where she Tell me where And if she says to you she don't love me. Just give her my message Tell her of my plea. And I know, if I could have her back

Jeff Beck A Day In The Life (Live)歌词

08/26 13:01
A Day in the Life - Jeff Beck I read the news today, oh boy About a lucky man who made the grade And though the news was rather sad Well, I just had to laugh I saw the photograph He blew his mind out in a car He didn't notice that the lights had chan

Jeff Beck Head for Backstage Pass歌词

03/03 09:02
lyrics not yet available on LetsSingIt, submit the lyrics here 专辑:Wired 歌手:Jeff Beck 歌曲:Head for Backstage Pass

Jeff Beck Jailhouse Rock歌词

04/01 06:12
The warden threw a party in the county jail The prison band was there, and began to wail The band began to-jumping, they began to swing You should have heard the knock down jailbird sing Let's rock, everybody let's rock Oh everybody in the whole cell