Brendan Perry Voyage of Bran歌词

Brendan Perry

Voyage of Bran

Father father
Can you tell me
Where the hours go
Where time flows ?
It is written in the stars
Upon the milky way
That we must burn bright
Before we fade away ?

Mother mother
Can you tell me
Where the fire goes
When the flames cease ?
'From the ashes to the astral plain
Where the setting sun meets the sea, Brendan'

I live by the river
Where the old gods still dream
Of inner communion

With the open sea

Through the eye of the hunter
In search of a prey
Neither beast nor human
In my philosophy

If you don't recognise me
Well it's simply because
I've outgrown these old clothes
Time to move on

For you and I will outlive
The masks life gave us
When this shadowplay comes
To a close

  • 专辑:Eye of the Hunter
  • 歌手:Brendan Perry
  • 歌曲:Voyage of Bran

Brendan Perry Voyage of Bran歌词


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