A-Teens Heartbreak Lullaby [*]歌词

[ti:Heartbreak Lullaby]
[al:New Arrival]
[00:00.00]A-Teens - Heartbreak Lullaby
[00:10.98]In the still of the night
[00:14.84]I can almost feel you lying next to me
[00:21.75]Like it used to be
[00:26.76]And its hard to let go
[00:30.59]When theres always something there reminding me
[00:37.80]How things could be
[00:41.85]Ive tried to get you off my mind
[00:45.87]Ive tried to play my part
[00:49.79]But every time I close my eyes
[00:53.77]Youre still inside my heart
[03:22.66][02:17.03][00:57.37]Why cant I laugh
[03:24.47][02:18.94][00:59.43]Why must I cry
[03:26.40][02:20.81][01:01.17]Everytime we say goodbye
[03:30.38][02:56.58][02:24.62][01:05.16]Why does it rain
[03:32.40][02:58.60][02:26.65][01:07.18]Here in my heart
[03:34.54][03:00.62][02:28.70][01:09.19]Every day that were apart
[03:38.38][03:04.51][02:32.67][01:13.12]Why cant it be
[03:40.42][03:06.56][02:34.69][01:15.11]Just you and me
[03:42.38][03:08.63][02:36.72][01:17.06]What will it take to make you see
[03:53.60][03:45.94][03:12.17][02:40.28][01:20.70]These are the words
[03:57.85][03:49.89][03:16.08][02:44.20][01:24.65]To my heartbreak lullaby
[01:30.45]Like the stars in the sky
[01:34.39]You still keep on shining down your light on me
[01:41.56]but out of reach
[01:46.42]And I know that in time
[01:50.31]You will come back to your senses, see the signs
[01:57.51]And change your mind
[02:01.54]I try to look the other way
[02:05.35]And keep my heart on hold
[02:09.34]But every time Im close to you
[02:13.35]I loose my self control
[02:49.05]Why cant I laugh
[02:50.77]Why must I cry
[02:52.60]Give me just one good reason why...
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  • 专辑:New Arrival
  • 歌手:A-Teens
  • 歌曲:Heartbreak Lullaby [*]


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