The Corrs Haste to the Wedding歌词


  • 专辑:Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection
  • 歌手:The Corrs
  • 歌曲:Haste to the Wedding

The Corrs Haste to the Wedding歌词


The Corrs Heart Like A Wheel歌词

07/14 21:53
Heart like a Wheel The Corrs 编辑:飘着~ Some say the heart is just like a wheel When you bend it you can't mend it And my love for you is like a sinking ship And my heart is on that ship out on mid-ocean They say that death is a tragedy Comes once then i

Various Artists The Wedding歌词

09/29 08:45
You by my side, that's how I see us I close my eyes, and I can see us We're on our way to say I do My secret dreams have all come true I see the church, I see the people Your folks and mine happy and smiling And I can hear sweet voices singing, Ave M

The Corrs What Can I Do?歌词

05/24 05:16
What Can I Do The Corrs Happy birthday for my lovely LY! Edited by Bob Young I haven't slept at all in days这些天我一直彻夜未眠 It's been so long since we've talked自从我们交谈后时间过得是那么的慢 And I have been here many times我已经来过这里好几次了 I just don't know what I'm doing wro

SG Wanna Be Wedding歌词

01/26 00:33
I wanna be with you come to me babe 얼마나 사랑하는지 아니 I need your love I can't live without you 이 노랠 너에게 주고 싶어 사실 너와 매일 아침마다 함께 눈을 뜨는 상상을 해왔어 언제라도 니가 기대 쉴 수 있는 그런 사람이 나였으면 괜찮겠니 화도 잘 내는 나와 속도 좁은 나와 같이 살아가도 우리 지금까지 잘 지내 왔잖아 너무 두려워 하지는마 허락해줘 사랑해도 된다고 항상 니 곁에

The Corrs Would You Be Happier?歌词

06/21 04:44
[ti:Would You Be Happier] [ar:The Corrs] [al:Best Of] [offset:500] [00:10.73]Have you ever wonder where the story ends, [00:13.37]and how it all began, I do [00:20.33]Did you ever dream you were the movie star [00:23.25]with popcorn in your hand, I d

The Corrs Only When I Sleep歌词

07/14 15:47
You're only just a dream boat Sailing in my head You swim my secret oceans Of coral blue and red Your smell is incense burning Your touch is silken yet It reaches through my skin Moving from within And clutches at my breast CHORUS: But it's only when

Patti Page I Went To Your Wedding歌词

02/21 09:58
I went to your wedding Although I was dreading The thought of losing you The organ was playing My poor heart kept saying "Your dreams, your dreams are through" You came down the aisle, wearing a smile A vision of loveliness I uttered a sigh, whi

The Corrs Love to Love You歌词

09/05 10:01
l will love to love you like you do me, I'd love to love you like you do me, I, met you on a sunny Autumn day, You instantly attracted me, when asking for the way, God if I had known the pain I'd make you feel, I would have stopped this thought of us

Don Henley For My Wedding歌词

03/23 15:54
for my wedding For my wedding, I will dress in black And never again will I look back Ah, my dark angels we must part For I've made a sanctuary of my heart To want what I have To take what I'm given with grace For this I pray On my wedding day For my