Soundtrack A Doodlin' Song 歌词

Peggy Lee - A Doodlin' Song
Cy Coleman / Carolyn Leigh

Do do-de-oo do-de-oo do-de-oo-de-oo
Do do-de-oo do-de-oo do-de-oo-de-oo
Do do-de-oo do-de-oo do-de-oo-de-oo
Why don't you join the group?
It's better than being a party-poop

Obbligato, pizzicato
Guy Lombardo, it's the craziest
When you noodle with a doodlin' song
Two, three, four
Like it so much, I'll doodle some more

Little softer, Perry Como
Even softer, pianissimo
Say you love me with a doodlin' song
B, C, D
Ooo, what you doodle-de-do to me

Say you love me, really love me
Say you love me true
Say you love me, please believe me
When you do, that makes two who
Go together, bet your boodle
Like the apples in a strudel do
When you noodle with a doodlin' song
What you call a real ball

Do do-de-oo do-de-oo do-de-oo-de-oo
Do do-de-oo do-de-oo, I love you
Do do-de-oo do-de-oo do-de-oo-de-oo

Here we go now, bet your boodle
Like the apples in the strudel do
When we noodle with a doodlin' song

All through, thank you

  • 专辑:Weeds (Music from the Original Series)
  • 歌手:Soundtrack
  • 歌曲:A Doodlin' Song

Soundtrack A Doodlin' Song 歌词


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