Divine Fits Would That Not Be Nice歌词

At night I wonder, how do I swing this?
I’m gonna be up for a long while
'Cause I gotta know it
Know it tonight
'Cause if I did, would that not be nice?

I wish that I was
In Minneapolis
Like Barbarita and Cleopatra
Up on her throne
I’ll be here waiting with basmati rice
And can you tell me now, would that not be nice?

You’re so destructive
Alien and deranged
Sometimes I wish that you were just strange
I must admit it, that sounds alright
And if you were, would that not be nice?

You got a Gothic, Candelabra
From California
And if you light it
You set the room up with flickering light
And if you did, would that not be nice?
Would that not be nice?

  • 专辑:A Thing Called Divine Fits
  • 歌手:Divine Fits
  • 歌曲:Would That Not Be Nice


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