L.A. Guns I Found You歌词

Somebody love me
Somebody care
Somebody hold me
When I am scared
Somebody reach out and hold my hand
Somebody somewhere must understand

I found you
You wanted me too

Somebody touch me
Somebody give
Give me a reason
I wanna live
Oh, I don't ask for much
All I want darling is a little trust

I found you
You wanted me too
I found you
You wanted me too

Somebody trust me, Somebody care
I ain't got much, girl
But I'm willing to share
Oh it's hard, this world can be so cold
We all need a little love
It's what makes us whole

I found you
You wanted me too

  • 专辑:Hollywood Vampires
  • 歌手:L.A. Guns
  • 歌曲:I Found You

L.A. Guns I Found You歌词


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Midnight and I'm ready to move Don't need a reason I got the groove My fire is burning it burns hot When I start I'm working can't stop Don't need permission don't need a cue Hold me baby hold me tight You feel so good in the middle of the night Rip

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Angel mercy, tears like rain Hurt so good, can't feel no pain Paint it black, drives me insane So far gone I'm not the same You give me one more reason One more reason to die Yo'be blood with no regrets English words, they won't forget Crimes of pass

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One way ticket one way ticket. One way ticket one way ticket. One way ticket to the blues. Choo choo train tuckin' down the track gotta travel on it never comin' back ooh ooh got a one way ticket to the blues. Bye bye love my babe is leavin' me now l

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[ti:CRY NO MORE] [ar:中岛美嘉] [al:CRY NO MORE] [00:00.00]歌名 : CRY NO MORE [00:02.00](TV动画)BLOOD+ ED2 [00:04.00]作词 : 康珍化 [00:06.00]作曲 : Lensei [00:08.00]编曲 : 河野伸 [00:10.00]歌 : 中岛美嘉 [00:13.00]Made By 月光疾风 [00:15.00] [00:19.00] [00:26.50]本当の伤は痛まないよ [00:32.

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Crystal eyes You are my crystal eyes With crystal eyes she gazes 她凝视的眼睛那么清澈 Like a desert flower In the morning rain 就像沙漠晨雨中的花朵 She`s well aware of every promise made 她懂得承诺的意义 She`s a child of light in a world of pain 她是这个痛苦世界的希望之光 Oh let her be free

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Come on Jane, I wanna hold ya tight, yeah Give ya love, make you feel alright, yeah I say the things that you wanna hear I'm gonna whisper in your ear. Show no mercy Show no mercy Show no mercy But did you think you were the only one Just a victim of