The Auteurs Junk Shop Clothes歌词

Junk shop clothes
Will get you nowhere
They're out of season
It's betrayal with no treason
Junk shop clothes
will get you...
There is one reason why
Your mother was a seamstress

Chaim Soutine never spent
A thrift shop dime
In his life
Lenny Bruce never walked
In a dead man's shoes
Even for one night

Junk shop clothes
Will get you nowhere
No summer pavilion
No shooting season
Junk shop clothes
will get you...
For the rest of your life

And the sun never shone
On your frame pale and wan

  • 专辑:New Wave
  • 歌手:The Auteurs
  • 歌曲:Junk Shop Clothes

The Auteurs Junk Shop Clothes歌词


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