Luciana Souza Oh You Crazy Moon歌词

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  • 专辑:The Book Of Chet
  • 歌手:Luciana Souza
  • 歌曲:Oh You Crazy Moon

Luciana Souza  Oh You Crazy Moon歌词


Wes Montgomery Oh, You Crazy Moon歌词

04/23 10:03
When they met, the way they smiled, I saw that I was through Oh, you crazy moon, what did you do? And when they kissed, They tried to say that it was just in fun Oh, you crazy moon, look what you've done Once you promised me, you know, that it would

Luciana Souza Never Die Young歌词

12/12 22:14
We were ring-around-the-rosy children, they were circles around the sun. Never give up, never slow down, never grow old, never ever die young. Synchronized with the rising moon, even with the evening star, they were true love written in stone, they w

Luciana Souza Satellite歌词

02/12 23:17
While the hands are pointing up midnight You're a question mark coming After people you watched collide You can ask what you want to the satellite 'Cos the names you drop Put ice in my veins And for all you know you're the only one Who finds it stran

Karen Souza Full Moon歌词

01/29 06:37
When the full moon rises I come out to play Put on my lipstick and black boots To dance all night away Come on sugar don't be shy I promise I don't bite But if the full moon keeps rising I just might You feel the tinger in your body Does around all o

Luciana Souza Waters of March歌词

10/23 09:15
A stick, a stone, It's the end of the road, It's the rest of a stump, It's a little alone It's a sliver of glass, It is life, it's the sun, It is night, it is death, It's a trap, it's a gun The oak when it blooms, A fox in the brush, A knot in the wo

Luciana Souza When We Dance歌词

12/16 23:51
If he loved you like I love you I would walk away in shame I'd move town, I'd change my name When he watches you When he counts to buy your soul On your hand his golden rings Like he owns a bird that sings When we dance, angels will run and hide thei

Luciana Souza Sorriu Para Mim歌词

11/23 13:55
Sorriu pra mim Não disse nada, porém Fez um jeitinho De quem quer voltar Dançava com alguém Que me roubou seu amor Agora é tarde demais Não sofro mais essa dor È tarde, é tarde Arranjei um novo amor 专辑:Tide 歌手:Luciana Souza 歌曲:Sorriu Para Mim

Gary Moore Picture of the Moon歌词

10/08 06:11
Ti:Picture of the Moon Ar:Gary Moore Al:<Back To the Blues> Picture of the moon, You gave to me that night. The stars were out to play, The moon was shining bright. If only I had known That it would end so soon. I was left with a picture of the moon

ALiCE&#039;S EMOTiON Crazy Full Moon歌词

04/16 08:10
[ti:Crazy Full Moon] [ar:野宮あゆみ] [al:FANATIC HARDCORE RED LABEL] [by:iwakura_sasami] [00:01.54] [04:12.69][03:00.69][01:48.64][00:12.67]禁忌(きんき)を犯(おか)す 蓬莱(ほうらい)の性(さが) crazy full moon [00:22.32] [00:30.28] [00:30.44]Are you ready? [00:31.41] [00:42.47]