Pure Prairie League Sister's Keeper歌词

Coke and Jamaican rum
Sleepin' by your gun
Close my eyes and I wake up with the phone
Yes, I'm worried all the times
I come to you baby just to blow my lines
Every day's a wonder, each night is a lone one

Paupers deal hands, they play games
Making us the same
In this dream you're a princess and I, a king
Exchanging tokens with the palace guards
Just plain living couldn't be that hard
And it's all in the giving when you're a keeper

Tuscon, Arizona
Casa Grandes over my shoulder
And this evening feelin's come so strong
All I want to do is say
And all I want say is done
We've begun, we've begun

Falling in the face of love
Trying to keep our heads above
Two-time trying deals we've all had
Tell me who's troubled over spoken words
And can't remember a thing they've heard
Yes, I'm speaking to you and not the receiver

Coke and Jamaican rum
Sleeping by your gun
You drive three cars and you stay with a friend of mine
Staying happy all the time
Rich men empty their pockets just to save their minds
As their fortune's mistress will rain to meet you
Cannot deceive her
A sister's keeper

  • 专辑:Two Lane Highway
  • 歌手:Pure Prairie League
  • 歌曲:Sister's Keeper

Pure Prairie League Sister's Keeper歌词


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