Carlene Carter I Love You 'Cause I Want To歌词

I love you cause I want to
I love you cause I want to

Sometimes I wonder baby
Why I put up with you
You ought to pay attention
I've got better things to do
I could be tearing the Eiffel tower down to the ground
I could be helping superman and break the speed of sound
Nobody tells me what to do
And I don't love you cause I have to


Sometimes I'm feelin' wicked and I want to sneak around
Sneak up from behind you baby while you're out on the town
Now if you don't take me with you I might catch you in the act
You can't run and hide and keep your alibis intact
Nobody tells me what to do
And I don't love you 'cause I have to


This just ain't some game we play, so you better straighten up
I ain't doin' this for my health
I'm doin' it for love, love


Life is an adventure and I just can't get enough
Love can be so simple it don't have to be so tough
I could be anybody's sweetheart, anybody's girl
I could marry me a rich man and sail around the world
But I think I'll stay right here with you
Cause I never do nothing I don't want to


  • 专辑:Little Love Letters
  • 歌手:Carlene Carter
  • 歌曲:I Love You 'Cause I Want To


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