Ella Fitzgerald Angel Eyes歌词

Ella Fitzgerald - Angel Eyes
(The Intimate Ella)

Try to think that love's not around
But it's uncomfortably near
My old heart ain't gaining no ground
Because my angel eyes ain't here

Angel eyes, that old Devil sent
They glow unbearably bright
Need I say that my love's mispent
Mispent with angel eyes tonight

So drink up all you people
Order anything you see
Have fun you happy people
The laughs and the jokes on me

Pardon me but I got to run
The fact's uncommonly clear
Got to find who's now number one
And why my angel eyes
Oh, where is my angel eyes

Excuse me while I disappear
Angel eyes, angel eyes.

  • 专辑:The Intimate Ella
  • 歌手:Ella Fitzgerald
  • 歌曲:Angel Eyes

Ella Fitzgerald Angel Eyes歌词


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