Anwar Robinson Come Over歌词

[ti:come over]
[0:10.52]Mmm mm mm
[0:11.89]Mm yeah
[0:13.1]Uh, mm, yeah
[0:19.92]I just touched down
[0:22.93]Quarter after two
[0:25.29]I know it's late
[0:27.29]I'm calling you
[0:28.76]Tryin' to figure if I
[0:31.61]Can come see you
[0:36.7](Can I come see you?)
[0:38.53]I know you're asleep
[0:39.43]But you're on my mind
[0:42.95]I'm wide awake
[0:45.11]And I wanna stop by
[0:47.23]So you can get up
[0:49.0]And get out of the bed
[0:51.13]Cuz I wanna see you
[0:52.59]And I been wondering....
[0:56.33][1:14.60][2:7.11][2:24.69][3:16.76][3:35.54]Can I come over?
[0:58.57][1:6.7][1:15.64][1:24.2][2:8.54][2:17.52][2:26.3][2:34.8][3:18.6][3:27.35][3:36.51][3:44.9]Can I (come over)
[0:59.49][1:16.65][2:10.3][2:27.48][3:20.47][3:37.71]Stop by (come over)
[1:1.78][1:18.69][2:12.22][2:29.53][3:22.78][3:39.46]To see you (come over)
[1:4.25][1:21.38][2:14.40][2:31.64][3:24.81][3:41.83]Tonight (can I come over?)
[1:8.59][1:26.37][2:18.95][2:35.87][3:29.17][3:47.19]Get wit' ya (come over)
[1:10.59][1:27.70][2:21.1][2:38.55][3:31.77][3:49.74]I just wanna (come over)
[1:13.45][1:31.27][2:22.98][2:41.10][3:34.62][3:51.56]Be wit' ya babe
[1:32.35]What the deal?
[1:33.46]I'm not that far
[1:35.54]I just got my bags
[1:38.0]And I'm headed to the car
[1:39.93]Say yes or no
[1:41.62]Cuz I'm on the road
[1:45.17](Wait a minute, my battery's low.. alright)
[1:47.18]Baby I wanna come see you
[1:51.90]Said I really wanna come see you
[1:54.8]Don't you worry about a thing
[1:56.19]I'm just wantin' to hold you
[1:57.84]Praise you, I want to guide you, tell you
[2:2.78]How much I love you, I need you, I miss you
[2:42.34][3:0.0]Oh, oh, oh, oh
[2:49.17][3:7.92]Ooh oh, oh, ooh ooh

  • 专辑:Everything
  • 歌手:Anwar Robinson
  • 歌曲:Come Over

Anwar Robinson Come Over歌词


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