Norther Victorious One歌词

Again I see the shadows
crawling in my mind
I try run but I can't hide

This endless war inside me
has torn my heart apart
My minds vengeance will be so sweet

Again I'm on the run
to kill the pain inside me
I am the one who cries
in the dark alone
Hearing voices,
I have to kill those evil memories
You don't know,
but you have to die beside me

The night is here and I'm close to you
there is a question for you to answer
Will you be with me forever
or will you die, just for me

I'm free 'cause you chose to die
but it won't change a thing
The fire in our souls
has died away
My heart is evil
and I have this lust to kill you
We are together in death
and so it shall be

With my heart I see the flames again
they are there for me
With my evil memories
I burn in misery
I know there's a sorrow around you
but time will heal
I told you a lie
that I could never die

The night is here and I'm close to you
there's a question for you to answer
Will you be with me forever
or will you die, just for me

  • 专辑:Dreams of Endless War
  • 歌手:Norther
  • 歌曲:Victorious One

Norther Victorious One歌词


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