Roy Orbison Crying歌词

I was alright for a while 我可以暂得平静
I could smile for a while 也可以重绽笑颜
but I saw you last night 但昨晚与你相遇
you held my hand so tight 你停下脚步问候
as you stopped to say hello 如此紧握我的手
you wished me well 哦 你祝我安好
you you couldn't tell 那时你却未察觉
that I've been crying over you 我一直为你哭泣
crying for your love 我仍在为你哭泣
crying for your love
and you said so long 然后你向我道别
left me standing all alone 只剩我独自停留
alone and crying crying crying crying 唯有泪水陪伴我
it's hard to understand 也许没人能明白
but the touch of your hand 但你手掌的余温
can start me crying 能使我不禁落泪
I thought that I was over you 我以为已经忘记
but it's true so true 但真实无法逃避
I love you even more than I did before 我只能更加爱你
but darling what can I do 爱你更胜过往日
for you don't love me 亲爱的我该如何 当你已不再爱我
and I'll always be crying for your love 我还会一直哭泣
crying for your love 我仍将为你哭泣
yes now you're gone  是的你已经离去
and from this moment on 而我从现在开始
I'll be crying 会不断为你哭泣
for your love

  • 专辑:Crying
  • 歌手:Roy Orbison
  • 歌曲:Crying

Roy Orbison Crying歌词


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