Shapes and Sizes Too Late for Dancing歌词

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I can't remember
The moment I fell
I'm tucked in the moment nice and tight
To keep my head down on
The ground
We shoot way the flashlight
We laid in your back
We used a necktie as a lasso
To pull my body off the ground

And it's too late for dancing, too early to rise
Please lay me down and cover my eyes
And it's too late for dancing, too early to rise
Please lay me down and cover my eyes

Hold up my left arm
Hold up my right
Let me go on for two days more
Before you plea me whole tonight
I saw on TV once
Sticks through their breasts
They hung there for seven centuries or more
Before the rest discovered the West

And it's too late for dancing, too early to rise
Please lay me down and cover my eyes
And it's too late for dancing, too early to rise
Please lay me down and cover my eyes

  • 专辑:Candle to Your Eye
  • 歌手:Shapes and Sizes
  • 歌曲:Too Late for Dancing

Shapes and Sizes Too Late for Dancing歌词


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