Electric Hellfire Club Hellfire歌词

Hellfire! - The Electric Hellfire Club
Rome wasn't built in a day
But it didn't take long to go up in flames
Fire is a beautiful thing
A gift that fallen angels bring
We will set your soul on fire
Feed the flames of your desire
Burn your cities to the ground
Bring the heavens crashing down with hellfire!
Our father who art in Hell
Hallowed be thy name
Give us the power to purify
And cleanse the world with flame
We will set your soul on fire
Feed the flames of your desire
Fire is a beautiful thing
A gift that fallen angels bring

  • 专辑:Kiss the Goat
  • 歌手:Electric Hellfire Club
  • 歌曲:Hellfire

Electric Hellfire Club Hellfire歌词


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