Various Artists Venus In blue jeans歌词

She's Venus in blue jeans
Mona Lisa with a pony tail
She's a walking talking work of art
She's the girl who stole my heart

My Venus in blue jeans
Is the Cinderella I adore
She's my very special angel too
A fairy tale come true

They say there's 7 wonders in the world
But what they say is out of date
There's more than 7 wonders in the world
I just met number 8

My Venus in blue jeans
Is everything I hoped she be
A teenage goddess from above
And she belongs to me

  • 专辑:Love Songs Collection Vol 1.
  • 歌手:Various Artists
  • 歌曲:Venus In blue jeans

Various Artists Venus In blue jeans歌词


Mark Wynter Venus in Blue Jeans歌词

10/02 07:28
[ti:Venus In Blue Jeans] [ar:Mark Wynter] [al:Venus In Blue Jeans: The Sixties Collection] [offset:0] [00:01.58]Venus In Blue Jeans - Mark Wynter [00:17.94]She's Venus in blue jeans [00:21.28] [00:21.92]Mona Lisa with a pony tail [00:25.12] [00:26.40

Jessie James Blue Jeans歌词

08/26 13:33
i hang in my blue jeans i swing in my blue jeans it's representing georgia so i twang in my who likes my blue jeans? you like my blue jeans, especially when i wear my cowboy boots with my i, i'm so fly i got a fresh new pair they're so tight i, i'm s

Bastille Requiem For Blue Jeans歌词

12/04 18:37
Blue jeans, white shirt Walked into the room you know I made your eyes burn I was like James Dean, for sure I'm so fresh to death & sick as ca-cancer I were sorta punk rock, you grew up on hip hop I fit me better than your favorite sweater, you know

Daryle Singletary Make up and Faded Blue Jeans歌词

02/03 19:11
Well, I can't recall, one time in my life, I've felt as lonely as I do tonight. I feel like I could lay down, and get up no more, It's the damndest feelin'; I never felt it before. Tonight I feel like an old violin, Soon to be put away and never play

Train Angel in Blue Jeans歌词

06/25 14:12
And though I never got her name Or time to find out anything I loved her just the same And though I rode a different road And sang a different song I'll love her till my last breaths gone Like a river made of silver Everyone came running to the scene

Blur Blue Jeans歌词

04/01 07:17
Blue Jeans Blur Air cushioned soles I bought them on the Portbello Road on a Saturday I stop and stare awhile A common pastime when conversation goes astray And don't think I'm walking out of this She don't mind Whatever I say, whatever I say I don't

Lana Del Rey Blue Jeans歌词

12/05 23:31
Blue jeans, white shirt Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn It was like, James Dean, for sure You're so fresh to death and sick as ca-cancer You were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip hop But you fit me better than my favourite sweate

Mac DeMarco Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans歌词

11/09 17:44
Standing on the corner, trying to keep it clean A fine lookin' woman in a pair of Lees Take her back to my place, lay her down in bed Now she starts to strip down, I say leave 'em on instead Baby's wearing blue jeans Baby's wearing blue jeans Baby's

Blue Jeans 黑色午夜歌词

04/28 02:51
黑色午夜 主唱:Blue Jeans LRC:suyaojun 群星杂合集锦LRC歌词收集整理中 深夜 沉默但其实跳动 车内 横巷内 藏着爱侣抱拥 深夜 人尽力寻觅美梦 不要急 不要急 反正有空 心碎的 心碎的 都也出发活动 寻活动 深夜 人易被明月煸动 火焰无忌地摇荡你我眼中 深夜 弥漫着迷幻作用 亲爱的 亲爱的 不要看钟 今晚黑 今晚黑 请你跟我活动 寻热梦 可否一起笑着 爱到彻底 (爱到彻底) 一晚浪漫都可永远美丽 让那些漆黑的空间引导 爱意发挥 (爱意发挥) 孤单的你跟我都不想过 Lon