Rotting Air SkTrs歌词


  • 专辑:Mhl
  • 歌手:Rotting Air
  • 歌曲:SkTrs

Rotting Air SkTrs歌词


Air Photograph歌词

03/28 11:01
I would like to own your photograph The angels cry to have your photograph As if you were awfully made for life As fortune favor fools like candle light I would like to own your autograph The angels fight to own your photograph But you reckon on the

Mariah Carey Christmas Time Is in the Air Again歌词

07/22 09:37
Christmas time is in the air again Christmas chimes reminding me of When we fell like the snow So deep in love High above us the evergreens Sparkle with lights and feel the breeze As we made future Christmas memories. Christmas shoppers glance at us

Air Remember歌词

04/26 00:19
[ti:Remember] [ar:N.R.G] [al:] [00:01.14]Remember [00:02.89]演唱:NRG [00:04.24]专辑:006-Hit Song [00:06.60]明勋: [00:07.12]E He, [00:08.26]I will be missing you my heart [00:14.40]Remember [00:21.54]裕敏:我已经知道 [00:29.33]我会再次站在你的身边 [00:35.84]我知道一切都结束了 [00:39.

岩崎琢 揺らぐことない愛(On Air Ver.)歌词

09/08 23:34
涙集めて 夜空へ返そう 揺らぐことない爱だけばらまけ Star dust 生きてるかどうか わかんなくなっちゃった夜は 星の见えない夜空にのみこまれてしまう 消えないで光 迷いそうな心が叫ぶ ただ君に会いたい 幻想 妄想 梦想の中を本気で疾走 体中の奇迹が目を覚ます 忘れないでひとりじゃないよ いつだって We are just a dreamer Take love, Get all love, Get back love in our hands 揺らぐことない爱だけばらまけ Star du

Nonpoint In the Air Tonight歌词

10/28 14:53
I can feel it coming In the air tonight Oh lord And I've been waiting for this moment For all my life Oh lord, oh lord Well when you told me You were drowning I would not lend a hand I've seen your face Before my friend But I don't know if you know w

Lorie Sur un air latino 歌词

11/23 20:15
Un peu de noir sur mes yeux, ne fleur dans mes cheveux, Et mon corps commence se dhancher Un zeste de tquilla, me voil seorita, Toujours prete faire la fiesta Il suffit que tout le monde se mette danser, ho ho, On est prets chanter et tout oublier Su

Owl City Hot Air Balloon歌词

07/08 13:53
Hot Air Balloon Owl City We wrote a prelude to our own fairy tale and bought a parachute at a church rummage sale and with a mean sewing machine and miles of thread we sewed the day above L.A. in navy and red we roamed a racetrack through your mom's

杨培安 Air+u歌词

12/18 18:45
想走更远 想自由的站在最高点 想要看见 你的笑脸 想去发现 想让世界因我而改变 想飞上天 想和太阳肩并肩 想永远牵你的手不回头走到终点 有你一切都无所谓 不后悔 无法放弃的梦啊 也许像呼吸一样吧 欢笑泪水 爱和悲 都是对生命的回答 就让我永远的梦吧 让梦在空气里挥洒 Air plus you go dream with you 就是我最好的回答 想去冒险 想微笑站在舞台正中间 想要依恋 你的一切 想去明天 想知道永远到底有多远 继续向前 终点是新的起点 把握住生命中的每一分钟每一天 有梦一切都无

Pacific Air Roses歌词

03/10 21:24
I don't know who let you in You're too bold to give a shit The sound of the ocean makes you smile While the smell of seaweeds on your mind You run your hand against my cheek you want my fingers on your lips So let me take you to the sand Before the C