Pavement AT & T歌词

maybe somone's gonna save me
my heart is made of gravy
and the laps i swim from lunatics don't count
open up your stocking
pull out all the things you never wanted
from room service calls
room service calls

open up your hands and let me see the things you keep in there
i want to split up fifty-fifty
that's the way we do it in this rose town
i've got all the glory in the world
and i hope it doesn't floor you before you go
room service calls
in the random halls -- go!

whenever (x6) eve eve ever i feel fine
i'm gonna walk away
from All This, all That.
the groovy groovy kitty and little little pity
with your slipshed (?) watch in back
and skinny skinny people don't like that
when you call on them
spell me.

spritzer on ice in new york city
isn't it a pity?
you never had anything to mix with that
listen to the tender behind the open chest in the hall
room service calls
i'm blue 'n green, and green and blue-oooo

whenever (x4) ne ne ne ne never ho
i feel fi-i-ine, i'll walk the plank for you
i'll walk the plank
i walk your plank for you in the d-d-d-d-dark
of the captain (seder row?)
Jacob, Jacob Javitz, i'd like to thank you for everything
primarily your glass house

i'm workin' the ballin' stores 'n
i'm cashmir wrap sellin'
come along lads, join hands, 1. 2. 3. go! (guess, levis, guess, levis)
the story it goes and a
distorted ghost
distorted ghost

  • 专辑:Wowee Zowee
  • 歌手:Pavement
  • 歌曲:AT & T

Pavement AT & T歌词


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