Soundtrack Not of This Earth歌词

Not Of This Earth - Robbie Williams

Verse 1:
Not of this earth,
You've changed places with the sun
I know that you're the one
I love what we've become,
Not of this earth,
I wear you like a shroud
I know I make you cry
You've done your crying now

She is not of this earth
And I'll no longer need to search
If I ever leave this world
You will have a song to sing
So you know what your worth

Verse 2:
Not of this earth
She came walking down my lane
I've learnt to laugh again
Like a moth to a flame
Not of this earth
Not surprised we're unashamed
She's gonna have to change her name
They will know that we're the same


Verse 3:
Not of this earth
Better get used to this smile
Not of this earth
Gonna be around for a while

[Verse 1, Verse 2]

Not of this earth ...
Not of this earth ...

  • 专辑:Bridget Jones's Diary (Music from the Motion Picture)
  • 歌手:Soundtrack
  • 歌曲:Not of This Earth

Soundtrack Not of This Earth歌词


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