Donna Summer Bad Girls歌词

Toot toot hey beep beep

Bad girls
talking about the sad girls
sad girls
talking about the bad girls, yeah

See them out on the street at night, walkin'
picking up on all kinds of strangers
if the price is right you can score
if you're pocket's nice
but you want a good time
you ask yourself, who they are?
like everybody else, they come from near and far

Bad girls
talking about the sad girls
sad girls
talking about the bad girls, yeah

Friday night and the strip is hot
sun's gone down and they're about to trot
spirit's high and they look hot
do you wanna get down
now don't you ask yourself, who they are?
like everybody else, they wanna be a star

Sad girls, sad girls
you such a dirty bad girl
beep beep uh, uh
you bad girl, you sad girl
you such a dirty bad girl
beep beep uh, uh

Now you and me, we are both the same
but you call yourself by different names
now you mama won't like it when she finds out
her girl is out at night

Toot toot hey beep beep

Hey mister, have you got a dime?
mister, do you want to spend some time, oh yeah
I got what you want
you got what I need
I'll be your baby
come and spend it on me
hey mister
I'll spend some time with you
with you, you're fine, with you
bad girls
they're just bad girls
talkin' about sad girls
sad girls
hey, hey mister
got a dime?

Toot toot hey beep

  • 专辑:Bad Girls
  • 歌手:Donna Summer
  • 歌曲:Bad Girls

Donna Summer Bad Girls歌词


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