Steven Page Marry Me歌词

Marry me
I am a boy and you are a girl
Or so I've been told
I know it's the same all over the world
The story is old
I could stand to be your man
I could stand to be your man
From now on

Marry me
You are a woman I am a man
Bury me
I must die first, you understand
I couldn't stand to be your man
I couldn't stand to be your man
I couldn't stand to be your man

Marry me
You are a girl and I am a boy
Fair is she
Why must I love what I must destroy?
I was sent to be your man
I was sent to be your man
I was sent to be your man
From now on

Marry me
So we may snuff out everything we've ever cared about
I have no doubt
that this will sting; no one will be spared
Without our love,
We'd just be normal people
Marching forward
Normal people?
You and me?
No it can't be!

Marry me
I am a boy and you are a girl
Or so I've been told
I know it's the same
All over the world
The story is old

  • 专辑:Page One
  • 歌手:Steven Page
  • 歌曲:Marry Me

Steven Page Marry Me歌词


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