Devics In Your Room歌词

Devics - In Your Room
In that room did you care
I never knew anyone who stared at me
Quite like the way your staring at me now
And if all these empty words you speak
Could change the boy who's at your feet
I think you need not look farther than your arms

Cause I'll never change
And you'll stay the same
And I'll never change

If I could change the boy at my feet
To a man who didn't have to speak
I wouldn't have to use my arms to measure
Something about the room that day
And how I knew I'd go away
How all I can do is stare at you
And think what I'm about to do

Cause I'll never change
And you'll stay the same
And I'll never change

I stared at the light too long
And I did everything to keep from falling
When all is said and done
Do you think it was worth it
Patterns move across the floor
And it just doesn't feel the same I'm sorry
When all is said and done
I think it was worth it

Cause I'll never change
And you'll stay the same
And I'll never change

  • 专辑:The Stars at Saint Andrea
  • 歌手:Devics
  • 歌曲:In Your Room

Devics In Your Room歌词


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