Victoria Beckham Every Part of Me歌词

People always talkin bout people always run their mouth
But when I hold you there’s no doubt my love for you is true
Before my life was ups and downs and happiness I used to chase around
That’s why I’m glad you came cos now there’s no substitute
And I don’t care whatever may come our way
Its you and me forever and ever to be cos..
When I look at you I see me from my head to your toes every part of me
And everything you do I did too cos I’ll always be a part of you
When I look at you I see me from my heart to your soul I’ll always love you so
And everything I do you’ll do too cos your every little part of me
I’ve seen how easy things can change and people never stay the same
But baby ever since you came you made me feel secure
Yes I think you should know that people gonna come and go
Be assured of this one thing I will still remain
And I don’t care whatever may come our way
Its you and me forever and ever to be cos..
I know that there will come a day when you have to go away
But you have no reason to fear I promise I’ll be here
If someone ever breaks your heart and you feel your world is torn apart
My love for you will bring you through hard times
I’ll help you be strong

  • 专辑:Victoria Beckham
  • 歌手:Victoria Beckham
  • 歌曲:Every Part of Me

Victoria Beckham Every Part of Me歌词


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