Lorez Alexandria Show Me歌词

[ti:Show Me]
[ar:Beckah Shae]

[00:01.12]Beckah Shae - Show Me
[00:13.96]I'ma go there, got no fear, I'm not scared no
[00:17.87]Revelation come! I wanna know why I'm...
[00:21.09]Watchin what I'm watchin
[00:22.92]Hearin what I'm hearin, Doin what I'm doin
[00:25.63]Consuming what I'm consuming
[00:27.69]All the fishies swimming in the same direction
[00:31.21]All swallowin, followin, with no hesitation
[00:33.90]Buyin what they're buyin
[00:36.44]Wearin what they're wearin, lovin what they're lovin
[00:39.27]Going where everyone's goin
[00:44.24]Where are all the questions?
[02:48.67][01:53.63][00:49.07]In a world of mystery
[02:50.95][01:56.38][00:51.50]I'ma keep searchin, till you show me
[02:54.89][02:00.29][00:55.04]With both eyes open I won't sleep
[02:58.07][02:03.48][00:58.31]I'ma keep searchin till You show me
[03:01.89][02:07.16][01:02.15]I can hear it on the stereo, see it on the telly
[03:05.66][02:10.75][01:05.69]Oh, no, I won't be deceived!
[03:08.60][02:13.61][01:08.55]Illuminate the truth to me
[03:12.00][02:17.13][01:12.02]I'ma keep searching till You show me
[01:18.39]They're everywhere, signs symbols
[01:21.75]Open up your eyes, cause there ain't much time
[01:24.25]Till we're gonna go home
[01:25.87]So watch what you're watchin, hear what you're hearin
[01:29.34]Do what your doin, and know what you're consuming
[01:32.53]Ignorance ain't bliss when your standing in the fire
[01:36.12]There's a way that seems okay
[01:38.19]Don't die, by a liar
[01:39.54]So don't buy what they're buyin
[01:41.73]Care what they're wearin, love how they're livin
[01:44.32]And don't go where everyone's goin
[01:49.40]Where are all the questions?
[02:21.32]You are life, so open up my eyes.
[02:27.85]You are mine, Jesus,
[02:32.51]and I will seek until I find, the whole truth.
[02:39.01]So you won't see me fallin, for nothing but You,
[02:44.66]cause You are the truth!

  • 专辑:Alexandria the Great
  • 歌手:Lorez Alexandria
  • 歌曲:Show Me

Lorez Alexandria Show Me歌词


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