Josh Ritter Joy To You Baby歌词

I go to the parties
Throw my hands in the air
I drink what they pour me
The cups of who cares
Go up in the night sky
Up in the clouds
Fly over the houses
I'm looking down

Joy to the city
Joy to the streets
And joy to you baby, wherever you sleep
Tonight, tonight, tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight

There's no ghosts in the graveyard
That's not where they live
They float in between us
'what is' and 'what if'
And cast our own shadows
Before our own eyes
You don't get them up here though
They don't come up high

Joy to the city
The parking lot lights
The lion of evening
With the rain in its eyes
Joy to the freeway
Joy to the cars
And joy to you baby, wherever you are
Tonight, tonight, tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight

There's pain in whatever
We stumble upon
If I never had met you
You couldn't have gone
But then I couldn't have met you
We couldn't have been
I guess it all adds up
To joy to the end

Joy to the city
The heatwave and all
To the lion of evening
With the storm in its paw
Joy to the many
And joy to the few
And joy to you baby
Joy to me too
Tonight, tonight, tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight

  • 专辑:Beast in Its Tracks
  • 歌手:Josh Ritter
  • 歌曲:Joy To You Baby

Josh Ritter Joy To You Baby歌词


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