Julio Iglesias Quizas, Quizas, Quizas [*]歌词

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  • 专辑:En Français...
  • 歌手:Julio Iglesias
  • 歌曲:Quizas, Quizas, Quizas [*]

Julio Iglesias Quizas, Quizas, Quizas [*]歌词


Julio Iglesias De Vous à Moi歌词

08/16 07:41
de vous à moi - julio iglesias de vous à moi j ai cru qu'il y avait des kilomètres comme si j avais des barrières à mettre me protéger de je ne sais quoi de vous à moi j ai cru qu'il y avait des mots à taire pour garder un peu de mystère et ne savoir

Julio Iglesias Crazy In Love歌词

10/25 17:03
Julio Iglesias Crazy In Love 作曲:Even Stevens.Randy McCormick And it's funny how time Steals the feelings from a love affair And there's no place to lay the blame 'Cause ain't a case of no one cares Helplessly we watch, fade away Neither will admit Bu

Julio Iglesias Feelings (Live Version)歌词

09/03 12:52
[ver:v1.0] [ar:胡里奥 伊格莱西亚斯] [ti:Feelings] [163876, 4550][10162,4549]Feelings [00:16.41]nothing more than feelings [00:23.33]Trying to forget my [00:29.64]feelings of love [00:38.89]Teardrops [00:43.71]rolling down on my face [00:50.21]Trying to forget

Julio Iglesias Adiós, Pampa Mía!歌词

09/16 02:02
Adios pampa mia!... Me voy... Me voy a tierras extranas. Adios, caminos que he recorrido, Rios, montes, y canadas, Tapera donde he nacido. Si no volvemos a vernos, Tierra querida, Quiero que sepas Que al irme dejo la vida. Adios!... Al dejarte, pampa

Julio Iglesias Song of Joy歌词

05/09 09:46
Julio Iglesias - Song Of Joy lyrics by :yan Come sing a song of joy for peace shall come, my brother Sing, sing a song of joy for men shall love each other That day will dawn just as sure as hearts that are pure, are hearts set free No man must stand

Julio Iglesias Right Here Waiting歌词

12/02 20:29
[ti:Right Here Waiting] [ar:Richard Marx] [00:00]<Right Here Waiting > [00:29] [00:30]Sung By "Richard Marx" [00:45] [00:46]Oceans apart day after day [00:51]And I slowly go insane [00:56]I hear your voice on the line [01:02]But it doesnt

Julio Iglesias It&#039;s Impossible歌词

12/07 03:01
It's impossible to tell the sun to leave the sky, It's just impossible. It's impossible to ask a baby not to cry, It's just impossible. Can I hold you closer to me And not feel you going through me, But the second that I never think of you? Oh, how i

Julio Iglesias La Paloma歌词

10/18 15:40
Una canción me recuerda aquel ayer cuando se marchó en silencio un atardecer se fué con su canto triste a otro lugar dejó como compañera mi soledad. Una paloma blanca me canta al alba viejas melancolías, cosas del alma llegan con el silencio de la ma

Julio Iglesias Vincent (Starry Starry Night)歌词

10/07 05:24
Starry, starry night 那夜繁星点点 Paint your palette blue and gray 你在 画板上涂抹着灰与蓝. Look out on a summer's day 夏日里轻瞥一眼 With eyes that know the darkness in my soul 便将我灵魂的阴霾洞穿. Shadows on the hills 暗影铺满群山, Sketch the trees and the daffodils 树木与水仙花点缀其间, Catch th