Passion Pit Where the Sky Hangs歌词

[Verse 1]
It goes up, it goes down
It goes any way the wind would like to throw it around
I was lost, now I'm found
I put my hands in the air and my knees to the ground, yeah
The pieces of the all that I could only hold, yeah
I could never say what you want me to say

I've got somebody else just to keep me on my toes again
I can barely stand when you're coming too close

I get caught up in your heartstrings
Way up, where another sky hangs
I'll take all that I can get
Just don't make me go

[Verse 2]
Was it here? Was it there?
Was it swirling around us in the atmosphere?
Is it us? Is it them?
It's the ones plucking the petals 'til we're left with the stem
The people push it forward, my body can't afford it
I step up and take it, but I fall to the side


[Chorus] x2

Don't make me go, go
Don't make me go, go
Don't make me go, go
Don't make me go, go
What's it cost? What's it cost?
What's it cost? It ain't that costly
And I got lost, yeah I got lost
So what's it costing me to get right back to you?

[Chorus] x2

  • 专辑:Kindred
  • 歌手:Passion Pit
  • 歌曲:Where the Sky Hangs

Passion Pit Where the Sky Hangs歌词


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