Josh Ritter A Certain Light歌词

My new lover, sweet and kind
The kind of lover that one rarely finds
And I'm happy for the first time, in a long time

Came along and opened up the door
And though I know I've been in love before
Oh I feel it, so much more, than the last time

And she only looks like you
In a certain kind of light
When she holds her head just right

Its been winter, for a while
The north winds wail cut like a baby child
It was hard to think or smile
That brings springtime

But it did and now it is
The green green grass
Feeling just the way it did
The very first time

And she only looks like you
In a certain kind of light
When she holds her head just right

And anymore, it'd stretch the rhyme
So let me leave this where I started,
I'm just happy for the first time
In a long time

In a long time

  • 专辑:Beast in Its Tracks
  • 歌手:Josh Ritter
  • 歌曲:A Certain Light

Josh Ritter A Certain Light歌词


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