Thievery Corporation Web of Deception歌词

Web of Deception - Thievery Corporation
Why can't they see how they always will be seen?
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
All that we weave is a wave under sea
Oh yeah
Why didn't you see how they always will be seen?
Oh yeah
All that we weave is a wave under sea
Oh yeah uh-huh

  • 专辑:Culture of Fear
  • 歌手:Thievery Corporation
  • 歌曲:Web of Deception

Thievery Corporation Web of Deception歌词


Thievery Corporation Is It Over?歌词

04/20 09:45
Far Far, away. I remember. The world has gone astray Close your eyes Hold your breath. Dream safer from the stars And now I'm tangled in her web. Time ever passing I hear strange ghost Fragments remind me of the memory that's now broke Stranger than

Thievery Corporation Take My Soul歌词

09/19 19:10
Such strange ways to show Who we are what you know Put the love back in your heart Lets try forgiveness No self deception Little less reaction Little more reflection New trails are blazing in City shows no love tonight All the sounds come crashing in

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09/30 08:55
Emilie Simon – Desert 法语版本 Oh mon amour, mon âme-soeur 哦,我的爱,我无法掩饰 Je compte les jours je compte les heures 悄悄在日历上记录,在秒针中等待 Je voudrais te dessiner dans un désert我希望你在荒漠里行走 Le désert de mon coeur 在我内心的那片荒漠 Oh mon amour, ton grain de voix 哦,我的爱,是你银铃般的

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02/17 09:31
Coeur Mécanique où sont tes piles 机械的心你的电池在哪 Perdu dans un monde, tout étranger 迷失完全陌生的世界 Quelle est la raison pour tous ces mensonges 所有这些谎言的理由是什么 On a plus le droit de se renfermer 我们再没有隐藏情感的权利 Je n'ai pas le temps de perdre la tête 我没空失去理智 Pour no

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08/09 11:44
Sound the alarm Order the attack Sound the alarm Order the attack Sound the alarm Order the attack It martial law, but your guns wont clap... Sound the alarm Order the attack Sound the alarm Order the attack Sound the alarm Order the attack Selassie

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06/01 14:58
Miss Liberty turn inna Jezzabelle All de dreams you go sell, de whole dem turn inna hell Her bed of roses are filled with thorns Her righteous robes are tattered and torn If she had only stood for love That would have been enough She wouldn't have to

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12/19 04:03
Thievery Corporation Facing East [Instrumental] 专辑:The Richest Man in Babylon 歌手:Thievery Corporation 歌曲:Facing East

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04/01 15:01
Sleepywonder and shinehead: People in the misery Government or work or government It makes a mockery Respect to the youths When they're in front and all dem back a me Why you don't treat them like the way you should And I know all the things you hide

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08/27 06:38
Too low to find my way Too high to wonder why I've touched this place before Somewhere in another time Now I can hear the sun The clouds drifting through the blinds A half a million thoughts Are flowing through my mind A satellite recalled your voice