Dave Matthews Band Mercy歌词

[00:00.27]Dave Matthews Band - Mercy
[00:07.16]Don''t give up I know you can see
[00:13.04]All the world and the mess that we''re making
[00:17.17]Can''t give up and hope God will intercede
[00:22.35]Come on back, imagine that we could get it together,
[00:28.31]Stand up for what we need to be
[00:32.62]Cause cryin'' won''t save or feed a hungry child
[00:36.93]Can''t lay down and wait a miracle has changed things
[00:41.74]So lift up your eyes, lift up your heart
[00:47.18]Singin'' mercy will we overcome this
[00:52.18]One by one could we turn it around
[00:56.93]Maybe carry on just a little bit longer
[01:02.48]And I''ll try to give you what you need
[01:09.06]Me and you, and you, and you,
[01:11.98]we just wanna be free yeah, yeah
[01:16.04]What you see, all the world,
[01:19.03]is just as we''ve made it
[01:21.84]And until we got a new world,
[01:24.09]I''ve got to say that
[01:25.34]Love is not a whisper or a weakness
[01:29.40]No, love is strong
[01:32.03]So we got to get together, yeah
[01:35.78]Got to get, got to get, got to get
[01:39.28]''Til there is no reason to fight
[01:46.09]Mercy will we overcome this
[01:49.78]Oh, one by one could we turn it around
[01:54.53]Maybe carry on just a little bit longer
[01:59.59]And I''ll try to give you what you need
[02:23.22]Mercy will we overcome this
[02:27.09]Or have we come too far to turn it around,
[02:32.19]Asked too much to be a little bit stronger
[02:36.92]But I wanna give you what you need
[02:40.78]Mercy what will become of us
[02:45.72]One by one could we turn it around
[02:49.47]Maybe carry on just a little bit longer
[02:55.22]And I''ll try to give you what you need

  • 专辑:Mercy
  • 歌手:Dave Matthews Band
  • 歌曲:Mercy

Dave Matthews Band Mercy歌词


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