Suara Crystal Tears歌词

[ti:Crystal Tears]

[00:01.23]「Crystal Tears」
[00:52.37]大きな手つないで いた道の先へ
[01:11.31]いくつものことばより 今 えたいこと
[02:19.28]んだときも 叱られた后も
[02:37.50]かしい香りを 胸いっぱい吸いんで
[02:46.64]真っ白な世界へ 手を伸ばすの
[02:56.44]いくつものことばより 今 えたいこと
[03:57.59]いくつものことばより 今 えたいこと
[04:54.51]【 おわり 】

  • 专辑:キズナ
  • 歌手:Suara
  • 歌曲:Crystal Tears

Suara Crystal Tears歌词


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I wonder if I have to believe in something better, I sleep heavily into the cold of my pain or I travel to eternity... Through seasons of passions open your eyes, just try to be yourself Nothing will change, if you stay dumb, just open your eyes I wa

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[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:54.05]I wonder if I have to believe [00:58.60]in something better, [01:01.61]I sleep heavily [01:05.88]into the cold of my pain [01:10.55]or I travel to eternity... [01:17.32] [01:41.91]Through seasons of passions open your eyes

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I. She was so innocent, And full of trust Her skin was like ivory, Eyes were like stars She had so many dreams, to love and to be loved Trust and love were her only sins, don't touch, let her go! Leave her alive! You are not her god! If she'll die, y

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Don't speak seal ur lips Please don't say a word Maybe i won't remember the words i have not heard I see that u're in love i know it's not with me But i don't want the truth to haunt my memory It's never too late to relight the fire It never stopped

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Mother see, that all my life I planted flowers to survive And as they faded I stopped to speak I painted flowers And nobody knows why..... No awakening, no lullaby I only felt the need to try To have the guts or the stupidity To grab for stars, that

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[ti:Velvet Tears] [ar:蓝井艾露] [al:INNOCENCE] [offset:0] [00:00.34]Velvet Tears [00:01.28]作詞∶rino [00:03.15]作曲∶Katsuhiko Kurosu [00:05.28]歌∶藍井エイル [00:08.09] [00:08.72] [00:32.65]叫びたい記憶の欠片は [00:37.03] [00:38.15]秘めて嘆きの雨と散る [00:44.15] [00:46.22]静寂に燃ゆる哀しみも

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Look to the mirror 瞧,那面镜子 What do you see? 你看见了什么 Beneath the shadows 在影子之下 Hiding your face 藏着你的脸 I can see hatred 我看见了仇恨 Consuming fear 剧烈地恐惧 There is no reason 没有理由 No cause to live 这不是生命的目的 Beneath and buried deep down 被埋在内心深处 There still is hope

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Lunatic Tears...[月狂之泪] PCゲ�ム「11eyes-罪と罚と赎いの少女-」片头歌 作词:彩音/作曲:Tatsh 编曲:Tatsh/演唱:彩音 收录:动画基地 vol.53 -朱夏- 赤(あか)き夜(よる)に堕(お)ちて[坠落在血红的夜里] 刹那(せつな)に散(ち)りゆく运命(さだめ)[刹那间消散的命运] キミは何(なに)を望(のぞ)む[究竟为何你所希冀] No way to get out one way 逃(に)げる为(ため)の术(すべ)もなく[没有可以逃离的手段] ただ立