Melanie Penn If You Forget歌词

Brenda Lee
If the sun should tumble from the skies
if the sea should suddenly run dry
If you love me really love me
let it happen I won't care
If it seems that everything is lost
I will smile and never count the cost
If you love me really love me
let it happen darling, I won't care
Shall I catch a shooting star
shall I bring it where you are
if you want me to I will
You can let me any test
I'll do anything you ask
if you only say you love me still
When at last the life on earth is through
I will share each other tear will you
If you love me really love me
let it happen I won't care
If you love me really love me

  • 专辑:Wake Up Love
  • 歌手:Melanie Penn
  • 歌曲:If You Forget

Melanie Penn If You Forget歌词


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