Sennen Your Hand In Mine歌词

You know I don't care if I'm right or not
Got it in my head and I just can't stop
Sometimes what you see is all I got
It might not look a lot, it might not look a lot

Maybe I wake up sometime soon
Got it in my head that it might come true
If I don't even try then I'm bound to loose
There's still so much to do, there’s still so much to do

I’m waiting
Could be waiting for awhile
I’m still here
Till I know I’ve got it right
I’m waiting
I won’t let it pass me by
I’m waiting
I’ll come through the other side

Got your hand in mine and I won’t let go
Got your hand in mine and I won’t let go
Got your hand in mine and I won’t let go
Got your hand in mine and I won’t let go

  • 专辑:Where the Light Gets In
  • 歌手:Sennen
  • 歌曲:Your Hand In Mine

Sennen Your Hand In Mine歌词


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