Wes Montgomery Dearly Beloved歌词

[ti:Dearly Beloved]
[ar:Faith Hill]

[00:00.00]Faith Hill - Dearly Beloved
[00:10.77]Good mornin', Dearly Beloved
[00:13.00]We are gathered here today
[00:15.44]To watch two people we know make a big mistake
[00:20.06]They'll stand up at the alter
[00:22.34]And solemnly swear I Do
[00:24.78]They'll be together forever
[00:26.49]'Til they find somebody new
[00:30.77]Her daddy's in the front row
[00:32.05]Mutterin' oh no, here we go again
[00:35.35]We had a couple dates
[00:36.46]Now she's three months late
[00:37.54]And it's twenty buck a plate i spent, oh...
[00:39.92]Good mornin' dearly beloved
[00:42.22]I'd like to welcome ya'll
[00:44.64]To see the side-effects of sex and alcohol
[00:49.26]Please bow your heads and join me
[00:51.53]In a prayer for these two
[00:53.72]Who'll be together forever
[00:55.68]'Till they find somebody new
[01:17.52]The bride is a flirt and the groom is worse
[01:19.63]As he's putting the ring on her
[01:22.15]He's checkin' out the bridesmaids
[01:23.35]Thinkin' that me might take
[01:24.92]The maid of honor's honor...oh
[01:29.21]Welcome, dearly beloved
[01:31.27]We are here this afternoon
[01:33.72]To throw rice as these two
[01:35.64]Drive down the road to ruin
[01:38.35]With cans tied to the bumper
[01:40.57]And a dragging muffler, too
[01:42.85]They'll be together forever
[01:44.78]'Till they find somebody new
[01:48.36]So raise your glass and join me
[01:51.11]Here's to the bride and groom
[01:53.41]They'll be together foreeeverrr...
[01:56.65]'Til they find somebody new

  • 专辑:Boss Guitar
  • 歌手:Wes Montgomery
  • 歌曲:Dearly Beloved

Wes Montgomery Dearly Beloved歌词


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