Elf Power Somewhere Down the River歌词

I laid there in the morning with the sunlight in my eyes
I saw you in the water as you slowly floated by
Somewhere down the river, somewhere on the sea
The sun came down, the moon was round and shining over me

The rain poured around us, and the fog had filled the air
I faded out till finally I wasn't even there
I was always waiting, never going home
I was gone so far away form everything I'd known

I went out on the pathway, I went on down the road
Looked out every window, climbed every hole
Rose up through the water, crawled up on the sore
Said goodbye this one last time and walked out through the door

When I finally came back home I knew the end was near
I rose at dawn, my mind was on, reversing through the years
Somewhere down the river, somewhere on the sea
The sun came down, the moon was round and shining over me

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  • 歌手:Elf Power
  • 歌曲:Somewhere Down the River


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