Metal Church Beyond the Black歌词

The war is over
The crypt we now taste
In the late 1900's, there is no human race
We split the planet with atomic birth
Man has died
We seal the urn.

Negotiations are over
Troops are marching to their doom
All that I see is a nightmare
The smoke is blotting out the moon
No, God please stop this bloody slaughter
We are off the beaten track
All the masses are rebelling
To withstand the dark attack
Will we make it back beyond the black?

Tanks are rolling in millions
See them come, and now they're gone
All the mountains are blackened
They said it came from just one bomb
No God please stop this bloody slaughter
Let it all repeat -- attack
All the masses are rebelling
To withstand the dark attack
Will we make it back beyond the black?
Will we make it back beyond?

Out of the crypt with faces marred
Seems the night has won
We unite as one
No more weapons, no more guns
Look out!
Food supplies are worth more than gold
Turn the young into old
With blinded eyes we count the cost
Of everything that we lost
Look out!
Watch out!
Beyond the black!!!

  • 专辑:Metal Church
  • 歌手:Metal Church
  • 歌曲:Beyond the Black

Metal Church Beyond the Black歌词


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